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We are seekers of Ayurveda and we aspire the world to know of this authentic system of medicine and lifestyle.

Our speciality is providing you with authentic knowledge of Ayurveda as per the classical texts. This page, created with ingenuity and passion, inspired by the modern-day health status, is just an attempt for you to follow Ayurveda. We take great pride in improving, based upon your feedbacks in new and creative ways.

We are providing online consultations to help you out with your lifestyle and health problems.

Understanding Ayurveda

Its not merely a system of medicines, and health;
it revolves around making lifestyle better,
thus giving its seekers both the
quality and quantity to life.

Laying back to our ancient healing principles
and  adapting Ayurveda is the solution
to modern day problems, to help keep
stress levels low and ailments at bay.

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your Life

Time to time our body sends us messages about its needs. We feel the thirst, because our body tells us that it needs water. We feel hunger, because our body tells us that it needs food. We feel pain, fever and many things, because something is wrong with our body. It sends us signs and signals to seek our attention. Let’s know how to catch the signs.

Pitta, when gets accumulated in the gastro-intestinal tract, having predominance of sourness causes Amlapitta. Amlapitta is the aggravated amla guna of pitta, i.e. disturbance in the natural sourness of pitta. Know what you need to do and what you need to combat acidity.

Naturiesta Vd. Aanandita| Ayurveda
Vd. Aanandita

“Let’s Make Healthy Living Our Priority;
Rest Everything Will Fall in Place.”