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Pandemic May End Soon

The Pandemic, 2020

New medicines are being launched, this does not mean we are going to invite the virus. We have to continue taking precautions possibly up to an year possibly or more. There is nothing to panic about. That what is much needed right now is following preventive measures as per the guidelines.

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Benefits of Following Ayurveda. Dr Aanandita Budhiraja

Benefits of Following Ayurveda

Ayurveda is not just diet plan, lifestyle modifications, and herbs; Ayurveda is much beyond. It is humanitarian, spiritual, and besides promoting the health of the individual, it connects the being with the Higher Power in spirituality. The individual becomes mindful of everything he does, he eats, and he thinks and thus grasps the essence of life.

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Immunity. Vyadhikshamatva| Naturiesta| Dr. Aanandita Budhiraja


Ojas is responsible for essentially the psychological health of the being besides nourishing his physical and immunological self. Having optimum Bala and/or Oja creates resistance to the disease and ceases its progression.

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According to Ayurveda, the epidemics and pandemics are termed as Janpadodhwansa, meaning, the group of situations which slaughter people physically, mentally, and economically leading to almost dissolution of the race. Vitiation of environmental air, water, soil and time leads to illness at large scale. This illness has one common presentation in all affected beings and spreads speedily.

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Origin of Diseases

An ancient mythological tale from the Shiva Purana explains the origin of the first disease. The tale goes like- In Tretayuga, the devils were all around disturbing the peace of the planet. Daksh Prajapati had the divine powers of slaying the demons and reestablishing peace.…

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Origin of Ayurveda

It is believed that the Divine revelation of the wisdom of healing and health was gained through meditation. Lord Brahma, the God of Creation, remembered Ayurveda. The aforementioned knowledge was further imparted to those who were keen to learn it, who came to him for seeking the knowledge. It was taken care that the relaying of information goes on unedited. No additions, deletions, or changes were made during the passage of wisdom.

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Atha| AyurvedNaturiesta


Atha is one of the auspicious words in Vedic literature. All the Vedic literatures begin with prayers. In the classical era, these words like Atha, Om, Omkara were in use.

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