History of Ayurveda

For the science that has been tested time and again, be it soaring high or crashing hard, Ayurveda has faced it all. After facing so many lows and highs, Ayurveda continues to persist, proving it is the authentic and ever-pervading knowledge.

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Origin of Ayurveda

It is believed that the Divine revelation of the wisdom of healing and health was gained through meditation. Lord Brahma, the God of Creation, remembered Ayurveda. The aforementioned knowledge was further imparted to those who were keen to learn it, who came to him for seeking the knowledge. It was taken care that the relaying of information goes on unedited. No additions, deletions, or changes were made during the passage of wisdom.

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Atha| AyurvedNaturiesta


Atha is one of the auspicious words in Vedic literature. All the Vedic literatures begin with prayers. In the classical era, these words like Atha, Om, Omkara were in use.

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