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The Dosha-Day Clock| AyurvedNaturiesta

The Dosha Clock

Ayurveda recognises the three doshas, namely Vata-Pitta-Kapha as primary life forces. These active principles are the basis of life, life processes and its eventual death. Scheduling accordingly is neither a routine nor a discipline, this is the natural movement of our own being, as suggested by Dr. David Frawley.

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Listen to your Body

Listen to Your Body

Time to time our body sends us messages about its needs. We feel the thirst, because our body tells us that it needs water. We feel hunger, because our body tells us that it needs food. We feel pain, fever and many things, because something is wrong with our body. It sends us signs and signals to seek our attention. Let's know how to catch the signs.

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सात्त्विक खिचड़ी – विधि

खिचड़ी- भारतीय, आयुर्वेदिक सभ्यता के अनुसार यदि हम सुपाच्य आहार का सेवन करते हैं तो शरीर निरोग रहता है। आइए अपने शरीर को एक सात्त्विक, स्वादिष्ट और सुपाच्य खिचड़ी से स्वस्थ बनाएँ।

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Have a Good Hair Season

Monsoon: Hair Care

Monsoons can get tough on smoothness, lustre, bulk and volume of your hair. Every year rainy season calls for perspiration, dandruff and thus frizziness, breakage, and shedding off of hair. Get the best of your hair this monsoons with Naturiesta.

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Welcoming Monsoons

Lifestyle: Monsoons

Monsoons arrive at the end of AadaanKaala (Uttarayana) a.k.a. Northern solstice and beginning of VisargaKala (Dakshinaayana) a.k.a. Southern solstice. This period weakens our body, diminishes our strength, weakens digestive fire, thus affects the immunity. Rainfall on the heated surface of earth releases the vapours which humidify the air. The resultant humidity creates imbalance of doshas in nature as well as our body. Vata dosha is predominantly vitiated during the rainy season, which creates disparity among pitta and kapha. Thus, change of season demands a change in our routine.

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