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Osteoporosis is diagnosed when the bones become weak, brittle and prone to fractures. A fall, mild bending over or coughing, or even routine activities, like sitting, standing, walking can cause bone-break. This condition goes unnoticed, usually. Let's know about it and Ayurvedify our lives.

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The Dosha-Day Clock| AyurvedNaturiesta

The Dosha Clock

Ayurveda recognises the three doshas, namely Vata-Pitta-Kapha as primary life forces. These active principles are the basis of life, life processes and its eventual death. Scheduling accordingly is neither a routine nor a discipline, this is the natural movement of our own being, as suggested by Dr. David Frawley.

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MJR-Diabegold is an effective Ayurvedic medicine for lowering the blood sugar levels. These capsules restore the lost health of the pancreas and support systemic blood sugar metabolism. The best part of this brilliant blend of naturally-occurring herbs in the form of capsules is that they…

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