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Listen to your Body

Every day brings with itself several moments and opportunities to learn. It allows us to learn new things and improve the quality of our life. But how can we improve if our residence, our body is unwell? Time to time our body sends us messages about its needs. We feel the thirst because our body tells us that it needs water. We feel hunger because our body tells us that it needs food. We feel pain, fever and many things because something is wrong with our body. It sends us signs and signals to seek our attention. Let’s know how to catch the signs.

Be Mindful

When we are mindful of our body’s activities, we are aware and easily detect if it functions wrong in even the slightest way. Being present in the present moment, devoid of any distractions helps us to focus more on our body. Whatever signs our body tells, we are able to decipher them and rectify the problem.

Meals are Sentimental

Ayurveda treats the body as the place of worship, where the digestive fire is like the holy fire of Yajna (यज्ञ) burning in our stomach. All the food we eat and drink are like the offerings to this pious fire. When we consume our meals with this sentiment, we cannot just eat anything wrong for the body, everything consumed will do no harm to the body.

It is our body through which we are able to function properly in our daily life. Misuse or overuse of our body makes it feel less respected or rather, we should say “insulted”. Take it as a person who works for a boss who insults them on daily basis, obviously, they wouldn’t like to work for that boss.
Our body also works for us, unceasingly. Instead of taking care of it, we remain busy with our work schedules. Self-care is the best deal, we can ever find. We take care of our body, in turn the body takes care of us, and keeps us healthy.

Here are some self-care techniques which can make Self-care a crave-worthy experience for you-

Be Grateful

Our body has been working for us since the day we were conceived in our mother’s womb, till today and it keeps on working, till our last breath. It has the capability to heal itself miraculously. Do we ever take time out of our busy schedule to thank it? Now is the time.

Respect it! Accept it! Love it!

It’s a straightforward rule, respect others to gain respect. Our body also works like this. If you are disciplined in your daily routine, don’t overuse or misuse your sense organs, your lifestyle is harmonious, your body feels respected. When you accept and love your body instead of finding faults whenever you stand in front of the mirror, it feels pleasant.

Connect with Your Body

Look into the mirror, in your eyes. Breath deeply, hold your breath.
And exhale slowly…
This is the way to calm your racing mind, focus in the present moment.
Say Hi! to yourself.

Ask – What do you need right now?
Why are you in distress?

Your body will tell you exactly what is the problem and what malpractices have we been doing to cause it so much trouble.
Ask for forgiveness.

Let’s say you are sensing some problem with your eyes- blurring of vision. We recommend you to close your eyes. Breathe deeply and put your hands on your eyes. Now ask them- Where did I go wrong? Why are you in trouble? Your eyes will answer whatever cause or malpractice leads to the weakness of the sense organ. Initially, you might not get any answer, because your body hit ‘mute button’ to the ignored messages. Don’t worry, the body can undo this, once it gets your undivided attention.

Now Ask– How can I maintain health in future?

Your body will guide you.

And trust us, if you keep listening to your body’s signs, it will keep telling you the secrets to your health. This is simply a form of meditation, where you need to put your focus on your body. This basic activity will take only 5 minutes of your day and in turn, it will make your body feel loved and being tended to.

These are the catalysts that help in self-healing process of body. Be sensitive to the processes of the body. The body whispers initially, listen to them. Don’t let it scream.

Most importantly,

There goes this famous saying-

मन रहे राम में
हाथ रहे काम में

This body is the gift of the Mother Nature, God (whomever, you consider your Greater Power to be). We should treasure this holy present. It is wise to remember our Creator while preparing and consuming our meals.

Its time to give up on television, mobile phones and other distractions while we consume our meals mindfully.

Your Health is in Your Hands.
Take Care.

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