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Atha is one of the auspicious words in Vedic literature. Atha signifies the prayer for an auspicious beginning. All the Vedic literatures begin with prayers. In the classical era, these words like Atha, Om, Omkara were in use. During the medieval period, the prayers began with the worshipping of Lord Ganesha. Since, this has been the ritual in the Vedic history, Atha is preferred as the first post here. Thus, marking auspiciousness.

“ग्रन्थादौ ग्रन्थमध्ये, ग्रन्थान्ते च
मंगलमाचरणीयमिति शिष्टाचारः |”

While composing a sacred text,
it is a principle to include Holy verses
in the beginning, mid and end of the text.


The Meaning of Atha

It signifies the prayer that-
a. This literature gets completed without any obstacles.
b. The author, orator, and auditor, all are benefitted by the literature.


The History of Atha

Lord Brahma, the Creator, according to Hindu mythology originated this word. Omkara is another word introduced by Lord Brahma. Therefore, these words are auspicious in themselves.