Amalaki (Amla)

Widely known as Amla, this herb has been used as the valuable ingredient in various Ayurvedic formulations for maintaining health. These fruits are the solution to our quest of staying young.

Botanical Name – Emblica officinalis

Family – Euphorbiaceae

English NameIndian Gooseberry

Popular NameAmla

Sanskrit NameAmalaki, Amalaka, Dhatriphala, Sriphala, Vayastha, Amrit-phala

DistributionNative to India, Nepal; Deciduous, Warm, Tropical and Sub-Tropical Climate

Part Used Fruit usually, sometimes seeds

chemical composition of amalaki

Gallic Acid,
Ascorbic Acid,

Rich in Vitamin-C

Rasa Panchaka of amalaki

Taste (Rasa रस) :

    • Predominantly Sour, Containing 5 Tastes, Free of Salty Taste

Qualities (Guna गुण) :

    • Heavy – (Guru – गुरु)
    • Dry – (Ruksha – रुक्ष)
    • Cold – (Sheeta – शीत)

Nature / Potency (Veerya वीर्य):

    • Cold – (Sheeta – शीत)

Taste Developed Through Digestion (Vipaka विपाक) :

    • Sweet – (Madhur – मधुर)

Effect on humours (Dosha-Karma दोषकर्म) :

    • Tridosha-shamaka (त्रिदोषशामक) – Calms down all three doshas, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha,
    • Especially effective in balancing Pitta Dosha.

effects of amalaki

1. On Body Tissues (Dhatu – धातु)

Rasayana – Rejuvenating effect on all the tissues of the body. Maintains health of the healthy individual.

2. On Body Wastes (Mala – मल)

  • Mildly laxative,
  • Fresh fruit acts as Diuretic, whereas,
  • Dried fruit of Amalaki works by drying up the excess moisture in stools.

3. Other Actions –

  • Curtails Ageing process (वयःस्थापन)
  • Preventing and Curing Eye Diseases (चक्षुष्य)
  • Aphrodisiac (वृष्य)

4. On Diseases –

  • प्रमेह ~ Diabetes
  • रक्तपित्त ~ Bleeding Disorders
  • कुष्ठ ~ Skin disorders
  • नेत्ररोग ~ Eye diseases
  • अर्श ~ Haemorrhoids
  • प्रदर ~ Leucorrhea
  • रक्तस्रावरोधक ~ Prevents Bleeding
  • अतिसार, प्रवाहिका ~ Diarrhoea, Dysentry
  • ग्रहणी ~ Digestive disorders
  • पाण्डु ~ Anaemia

Forms of consuming Amalaki


Amla Fresh Fruit

1-2 per day

Amla Juice

Amla Juice - Fresh

10-15 ml per day

Amla Candy

Amla Candy

5-7 slices per day

Amla Achar

Amla Achar

1/2 -1 with meal

Amla Powder

Amla Powder

3gm - 6gm per day

Amla Murabba

Amla Murabba

1/2 -1 before breakfast

uses of amalaki

Single Herb uses of Amla -

  • Consumption of fresh fruit daily (1-2 numbers) increases immunity and provides rejuvenating effect.
  • Fresh juice of Amla (5-10ml) mixed with sugar can be taken in bleeding disorders.
  • Fresh juice of Amla (5-10 ml) mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder and taken empty stomach is beneficial in Diabetic patients.
  • Intake of Amla churna (3-6 g) mixed with honey helps in restoration of vision.
  • External application of Amla paste on scalp promotes health and lustre of hair.
Amla uses

Ayurvedic formulations of Amla -


This popular bioactive health supplement is prepared with 50 nutrient-rich herbs and minerals. It curtails the course of ageing, promotes health and prevents diseases. This polyherbal jam is a metabolic tonic which revives the lost reserves of life force (ojas).


Amalaki Rasayana-

It contains Amla, Honey, Ghee (Clariied butter), and Mishri (Crystallised sugar lumps). Highly beneficial a a rejuvenating potion, especially effective in protecting eyes, liver, spleen and lungs. To be added to our diet before breakfast, this leha can be consumed throughout the year.

Dhatri Lauha-

Ayurvedic iron supplement usually prescribed with ghee or honey, indicated in abdominal pain, indigestion, acidity, heart burn, constipation and other problems relating to Pitta imbalance. Continued consumption of this combination of Amla, Lauha Bhasm (calcined iron), and Mulethi churna (licorice powder).


Prepared with fresh juice of Amla, honey, Piper longum (Pippali), and sugar; it is indicated in Anemia, jaundice, cardiac diseases, cough, loss of taste, fever, arthritis, respiratory-related complaints like cough and asthma. This wine-like preparation stimulates the assimilation in the digestive system.

Amla - Home Remedies

  • Acne

    • Consume: 2 tbsp of Amla Juice mixed with a quarter glass of water. Consume this in morning on an empty stomach.
    • Local Application: Apply Amla Juice on affected area, let it dry, and wash off with normal water.
  • Acid Reflux

    • 4 tbp of Amla Juice with equal parts of water. Consume daily in morning on an empty stomach.
  • Head Lice

    • Paste of dry Amla seed powder and few Lemon drops- Apply over the scalp- Wash when dry.
  • Nose Bleed

    • Nasal Drop: 1 drop of fresh Amla Juice in each nostril
    • Local Application: Fresh Amla Paste over the forehead.
  • Constipation

    • 1 tbsp of Amla powder with warm water –  Early morning
  • Hyperglycemia

    • Amalaki powder + Haridra (Turmeric) powder with bitter gourd juice daily can keep control blood sugar level.
  • Eye diseases-

  • Hair Tonic-

    • Application of paste of Amalaki on hair scalp nourishes the hairs and its shine.
  • Hyperacidity-
  • It is a good remedy to pacify Pitta conditions. Moravala is a formulation prepared from Amalaki fruit mixed with sugar syrup is the best remedy to pacify Pitta Dosha.

Scurvy- As a source of Vitamin C, serves as an effective remedy in vitamin deficit condition like scurvy. Daily intake of Amalaki juice/powder in diet overcomes this condition.

Beauty of amalaki

Beauty of Amla

Power of amalaki

Power of Amla

The takeaway Note

Vata vitiation leads to a reduction of the Asthi Dhatu resulting in thin and fragile bones.
When Asthi dhatvagni decreases due to vitiation of Kapha, it results in thicker and denser bones whereas vitiated Pitta affects Asthi Dhatu by accelerating the metabolism which leads to narrowing and weakness of bones.

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