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Happy Guru Purnima! Today is a special day to observe gratitude towards our Gurus who are evolved and enlightened souls, share their wisdom with unconditional love and have enabled us to become who we are today. This festival is celebrated in India, Nepal and Bhutan by the Hindus, Jains and Buddhists to pay homage to their Gurus. The Principle of Guru is considered to be manifolds active and effective on the day of Guru Purnima than on any other day, because of the energy of the moon.

The word Guru is originally derived from two words,

‘GU’ + ‘RU’

‘GU’ = Darkness or Ignorance
‘RU’ = Light or Enlightenment

‘GURU’ means Someone Who Takes us From Darkness to Light.

Mythological Beliefs

This day marks the birth of Veda Vyasa, the legendary author of almost all the Vedic Age literature, including Mahabharata, The Four Vedas, Puranas. These ancient literatures are the source of all the spiritual knowledge.

Lord Shiva enlightened the Saptarishis as AdiYogi, which marks as another historic significance of the day.

India, since ancient times has been a land for Guru Shishya Parampara. The Divinity descended on this Earth in the form of our Spiritual Mentor, Our Master, Our Satguru who is the direct incarnation of the Supreme. The beauty of relationship of Guru and Shishya is Guru gives wisdom to the devotee unconditionally, without considering his caste, colour, creed, background, past baggage, and the shishya is truly devoted to his Guru, no matter what. A True Guru (Satguru) only wants his child to be enlightened and free from the miseries of the materialistic world. A true devotee is the one who learns everything the Guru has to teach without questioning or judging his methods. His affirms to find all the deities in just a single personality, i.e Satguru. The Guru does not want credit of molding His disciple’s life path, nor does He want to be recognised as a Guru. He believes he just changes the point of view of disciple towards the all-pervaiding Truth. Only the disciple can explain what great of a difference his Guru has made to him.

The festival is celebrated on-

Full Moon Day- Purnima

Month- Ashada (June-July)

as per hindu calender

The glory of a True Guru is inexplicable. The Vedas revere Satguru as Higher than the God, because Guru is the one who makes us realise God. Guru tells us the aim of our human birth, i.e., God Realisation and puts in efforts to not let it go waste. Guru’s grace is accompanied with a sense of command, compassion and soft feelings.

गुरू कुम्हार शिष्य कुम्भ है
गढि़ काढ़ै खोट ।
अन्दर हाथ सहार दै,
बाहर बाहै चोट ॥

Guru relates to the Potter, and disciple to the (unbaked) pot. Guru Gives Shape and cures the flaws, securing with palm from inside while thumping the pot from outside. Guru knows the best for his disciple. Such is the extraordinary grace of Our Satguru. Guru’s compassion is self-evident and natural. We gain, if we accept His grace, and loose, if we deny it.

Without a Guru, we are indulged in dualities of life, i.e love and hatred, pains and pleasures, life and death, etc. but with the Divine grace of Satguru, we are able to evolve from emphemerality to eternity and attain the permanent state of bliss. Today, on this auspicious occassion of GURU PURNIMA, we bow down to our Guru to pay Him highest regard. We are obliged to express our gratitude to our Guru whole heartedly and pray for HIS well-being.

Let’s make something together.

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