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Welcoming Monsoons

The Lovely Fragrance Of The Hydrated Soil, That Has Been Parched All Summers, And The Fresh Breeze Fill Our Heart With Joy. The Dance Of Raindrops When They Fall On The Surface Brings In Brightness In Ambience And Wow! How Iridescent The Rainbow Is! Thrilled, People Relish This Weather Having A Cup Of Tea, Besides Some Fritters.

Truly intoxicating the monsoons are, aren’t they?

Amidst this joyful weather, we recommend not to forget self-care. Herein, we are sharing some of the Ayurvedic Self-care tips beneficial for all of us in monsoons.

According to the Hindu calendar, the south-west summer monsoons arrive India in the months of Shravana and Bhadrapada (Mid July to Mid September). Lord Shiva is worshipped primarily in this season.

What monsoon does to our body?

Monsoons arrive at the end of AadaanKaala (Uttarayana) a.k.a. Northern solstice and beginning of VisargaKala (Dakshinaayana) a.k.a. Southern solstice. This period weakens our body, diminishes our strength, weakens digestive fire, thus affects the immunity. Rainfall on the heated surface of earth releases the vapours which humidify the air. The resultant humidity creates the imbalance of doshas in nature as well as our body. Vata dosha is predominantly vitiated during the rainy season, which creates disparity among Pitta and Kapha. Thus, change of season demands a change in our routine.

🙅🏻‍♀️ What May Bring Us Trouble?

Avoid During Monsoons| AyurvedNaturiesta

💁🏻‍♀️ What Can Keep Us Away From Trouble?

One should take care to maintain immunity and especially digestive fire. Imbalance of digestive fire creates toxins, Ama and Ama-Visha in our body. Their accumulation causes disease.

As the season of rains come in, I feel the atmosphere has become sattvik and blissful. I prefer to have light, home-cooked, freshly prepared food. Born in a Hindu household, it was taught to me since childhood about worshipping Lord Shiva in monsoons. Besides the religious point of view of avoiding a non-vegetarian diet, there is a scientific reason to it too. The insects and worms that come out of their hibernation during this time are further eaten by animals. This is also the fish breeding season, therefore, it is avoided to consume non-vegetarian diet. These protein-rich diets are heavy to digest for the body in this season, therefore it is advised to prevent their consumption.

Nip The Infection In The Bud

  • Improve your Immunity. Read how to Enhance Immunity with Ayurveda.
  • Basil Leaves (Tulsi) and Giloy water or Giloy tablets- We hope you must be taking them due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Kapha may increase due to bathing in rainwater. If the symptoms like sore throat, running nose, stuffy nose, headaches, fever are present, we recommend you to take ginger plus honey.
  • Amla– For increasing immunity, Amla should be taken first thing in the morning. It can be consumed in any form- powder, juice, dried candy (sweetened or salty), or Murabba (a preserved form of fruit).

This post has been written in collaboration with Dr. Kajal Adhikari. Her support has been valuable.


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